Clarinet New Notes

Hey Clarinet Section!

Ready for some new notes?

“Take a Break” and “Popcorn Prelude” each have two different clarinet parts. Your part may not require all of the new notes below, but let’s learn them all now anyway!

Your new (and old) notes:

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.12.10

REMEMBER: A sharp makes a note higher. F-sharp is a “half-step” higher than F-natural. A flat makes a note lower. B-flat is a “half-step” lower than B-natural.

ENHARMONICS: Two notes that are spelled differently but sound the same. A-sharp and B-flat sound the same, but they are written differently on the staff.

(We’ll talk more about WHY this is necessary later)

Get comfortable on those low notes you see above, because high notes are next! You’ll need your low B, A, and G from above to take the next step…

CLICK HERE to learn how to “go over the break” on the clarinet! This packet comes from the Hortonville Area School District.

Got the hang of it? Let’s Continue…

Your C Major and a minor patterns:
(If you can’t reach your high B and C yet, use the lower octave)

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 14.57.03


That should keep you busy… 😉

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