Anthems and Lullabies

As part of the Grade 4 unit on How We Express Ourselves, students have been learning work songs, spirituals, and other traditional folk songs.

One student pointed out that most our songs were American or African American. They requested that we learn songs from other countries. At that point, I found a beautiful lullaby from Armenia translated into English. The students responded very maturely and it led to a great discussion on the calming nature of lullabies, as well as major vs minor modes.

That same student said, “but can we sing songs in other languages?”

In another class, a student said that people express their pride through their national anthems and suggested that we learn a few of the national anthems of the students in their class.

Therefore, I make a request. A CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS, if you will.

I am requesting that Grade 4 students and parents help us in two ways:

  1. Record your family singing the National Anthem of your home country/countries.
  2. Record yourself singing a lullaby from your country, and, if possible, provide a copy of the lyrics. If you have it, a copy of the sheet music would be wonderful as well. 

I will present as many as we can in class and have the native speakers teach us how to properly pronounce the words.

Thank you for your help and support! I am eager to help the students explore music that supports their inquiries.

Please e-mail your submissions to The sooner the better!

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