As March comes to a close and April begins, Grade 2 reviewed proper hand drum technique (down and up strokes) using the chant “M-A-R-C-H” from Game Plan 2.

We continue to study the various forms that music takes and the patterns that we can create or find. The chant itself was performed as the A section. I asked each class to create a B section. I expected them to say:

A) Say the chant
B) Play the rhythm of the chants on instruments

Thankfully, our students are more creative than that!

In 2H, the students decided to make an A-P-R-I-L chant and make rain drop sounds (which I sadly forgot to record, so I’ll try to catch that next week). In 2P, the students decided to create a thunderstorm without any set tempo, meter, or words.

Here’s a quick performance from 2P:

Students, can you come up with other B section ideas? Can you come up with a chant for other months? How would you play that chant on your hand drum? How could you turn our ABA performance into a RONDO? Leave your ideas in a reply below.

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