Trumpet Lip Slurs and Chromatic Scale

As per your request, here are the lip slurs and chromatic scales we’ve been doing in class written out on the staff. Use this during your warm up routine at home to develop your range and flexibility so that you can do stuff like this:

How epic is that guy?!

Happy Practicing! Click on the file below:

Tpt Lip Slurs and Chromatic

  • Tongue the first note of each slur, but not the second or third notes.
  • Increase your air and tighten your lips when going up to the next partial. Do the opposite when coming down a partial.
  • Do each lip slip in one breath. Don’t cheat by using your tongue to go higher or lower.
  • Tongue every note of the chromatic scale and say the name of the note in your head. Don’t cheat by writing in all the note names and valve positions.

Some valve positions and note names are written in for you once, and then do not appear again. Use the information provided and what you have already learned to identify the remaining notes, but don’t write them in!

If you need a fresh fingering chart, click here


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