Grade 2 Student Led Conferences

Grade 2 students at IICS have learned a lot of songs this year. In addition to singing and creating melodies, students have also learned to play too different accompaniment patterns called borduns. One is a simple bordun and the other is a broken bordun.

Parents: Before watching the videos below, ask your child to explain the difference between a simple and a broken bordun.

Here is an example of 2H performing a simple bordun:

Here is an example of 2H performing a broken bordun while singing the same song:

Guiding Questions:

What is composition?
Is a composition the same or different every time you perform it?
What instruments did you use to compose?
Were you given a rhythm or pattern to follow?


Your student will now guide you through composing a simple melody on the xylophone using the poem “Bow, Wow, Wow”. Have fun!

Take off your “Fries and Burgers” (F and B).
Start and end on C.


Say the poem.
Pat the poem on your lap to feel the rhythm.
Explore different melodic patterns (notes) on the xylophone using the rhythm of the poem.
Choose your favorite pattern.
Write it down.
Perform it.


If you have time and if your student feels comfortable, they can try to accompany you by playing a simple or broken bordun on one xylophone while you play the melody on another xylophone. Be careful! Make sure you maintain a steady beat!

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