Grade 5 Student Led Conferences

Guiding Questions:

What is composition?
Is a composition the same or different every time you perform it?
What are two examples of compositions you created during this unit?
Were you given any patterns or examples to inspire your compositions?

What is an ostinato?
What are the different 16th note (TKDM) patterns you used in your body percussion composition?
Why compose two-part compositions?


Your student will now guide you through composing a two-part composition using an ostinato pattern in your feet and a different pattern in your hands.


Practice reading and clapping the tan cards with 16th note patterns.

Create a 4-beat (1 measure) ostinato pattern using quarter notes (Ta) and quarter note rests.
Create a 4 measure clap pattern using various 16th note patterns.
Try doing both at the same time! Have fun!


Have your student perform their composition for you and reflect on what they are doing well and what still needs improvement.

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