Essential Agreements


We will come to class with a positive attitude.

We will participate with enthusiasm.

We will respect others.

  • We will raise our hand to speak.
  • We will listen to the speaker.
  • We will mind our personal space.

We will use our understanding to help one another learn.

  • We will share our ideas.
  • We will try new things.
  • We will welcome others into our work groups.

We will only play instruments when we’ve been given permission to do so.

We will respect the classroom by leaving it as clean as we found it.

  • We will put materials back where we found them.
  • We will put xylophone bars back on the instrument at the end of each use.


We understand that we must follow these Essential Agreements and classroom procedures in order to have a great school year together. If we do not follow classroom procedures or fail to treat each other with respect and kindness we will:

  1. Receive a warning
  2. Take a break (time out)
  3. Return to our classroom

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