Units of Inquiry

Unit Letter Guidelines
At the beginning of each unit, each grade level should post a unit outline on their class site. This outline is collaboratively developed and is the same for both grade level sites eg 3M and 3P.

The unit outline should contain the following:
A description of the upcoming unit, its central idea and its inquiry points. There should be a summary of some of the activities the students will be involved in, along with the summative task.  If a field trip is planned for the unit, explain its purpose and proposed date.

Sample: Our final unit of inquiry “Migration” comes under the transdisciplinary theme “Where We Are in Place and Time”. The central idea is: “Migration is a constant process that changes people and places.” We will be inquirying into: a) which people migrate b) stages of migration c) the impact of migration on the people and the environment.

Through discussions of literature and videos, interviewing IICS staff members and a visit to Istanbul’s recently opened Migration Musuem, the students will learn about different circumstances of leaving, journeys, arrival, settling in, impact and reunions.  The summative assessment will be to demonstrate their understanding of these stages of migration by publishing a book of a migrant’s tale. The students will choose whose tale to tell – it may be of a relative or family friend, a historical person or even a fictional character set in a historical time of real migration. The students will also be able to choose the format of their publication. Depending on the student’s strengths they may decide to create a scrapbook, journal, picture book, comic book, short story, etc.  A task sheet and a rubric will be sent home later.

Explain the areas of maths that will be covered over the next 6 weeks. Refer to the strands and where applicable, real  life applications or how parents can help at home.

Sample: We will be finishing our unit on data handling and moving into exploring probability. We will also be looking at ratio and its forms and uses. Finally we will be reviewing concepts from the entire year to ensure that the students are fully ready for Grade 7 math.
Describe what will be happening in the grade’s language programme over the next 6 weeks – think about reading, writing, listening, speaking.

Sample: The language focus throughout this unit will be on narrative writing in order to support the students through their summative assessment.

Single Subjects
A sentence or two about what the students will be focusing on in Music, Art, PE, Turkish Culture, ESOL, French.

Music: Grade six students will spend the final weeks of school further developing playing skills on their instrument. Students will inquire into various higher level articulations and dynamic markings. Students will also be working on their graduation song.

Art: Students will be looking at the role of the illustrator and will be learning how text and image work together to engage the reader. They will focus on a story about immigration and will create an illustration in response to this.

French: Students will learn vocabulary for holiday plans and consolidate the work done in the previous unit, on their personal project. They will revise grammar points covered this year in preparation for grade 7.

ESOL: In ESOL we will be concentrating on the core vocabulary in their classroom unit on Migration. We will also continue to work on essay writing. We will be looking at planning an essay – the introduction, developing the body of the essay and writing a conclusion. This will be very useful as Grade 6 move on to the next phase of their education.

Turkish culture: Students will learn about the compulsory population exchange between Greece and Turkey that took place back in 1923-24. They will be watching documentaries showing the personal experiences of the migrants. After that, they will learn about Turks migrating to different parts of Europe back in 1960’s and how they adapted to their new lives and homes.

PE: Grade 6 will continue their health and related fitness unit where we will focus on adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. We will explore the different types of fitness such as cardiovascular, strength and flexibility. Students will review and finish their personal best scores. Students will be encouraged to be extra active during the month of June.

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